A Word from Sotramont’s president, Marc-André Roy

Tod, the new condo complex we launched in April, is a well-conceived project. Here’s why. 

Those who know us know that the quality of our projects is very important to us, because we want our clients to feel that they live in a well-conceived home.

Those who live in Bois-Franc also know that for over 25 years now, in addition to the quality of our projects, we have also assigned great importance to quality of life in an attractive setting, with wetlands and green spaces that can be enjoyed by pedestrians, cyclists and drivers alike.  

Like all of Sotramont’s projects in Bois-Franc, in Saint-Laurent, the new Tod condos have all these advantages. Tod condos are particularly well-conceived, however, because they offer even more.

Tod condos are well-conceived because of their superb location. 

Tod condos are within walking distance of the Bois-Franc train station, which is just 17 minutes from downtown by train. If you live in a Tod condo in Bois-Franc, you will never have to worry about finding parking, either on your way to work, or when you get there.

TOD is short for Transit-Oriented Development, which designates a mixed-use residential and commercial area with access to a range of transportation options. The attached brochure, entitled Well-conceived Condos in Bois-Franc (see attached PDF), shows the location of the Tod condos in relation to the Bois-Franc train station, Bois-Franc park, and many shops and services, including an IGA Prestige grocery store. As you will see, the Tod condo project is in a serene, peaceful setting, yet is still very close to public transit and services. 

Tod condos are well-conceived because of their attractive, innovative design.

Tod condos are housed in six storey buildings with an attractive, urban architectural design and large windows that bathe the interiors with light. They also offer a pool surrounded by greenery where you can to cool off and chill out once the hot, sunny weather finally arrives.

Another advantage of the Tod condos, and my personal favourite, is the beauty and warmth of their exposed wood. As you can see, a major design feature of Tod condos is the wooden beams that are part of the building’s structure. 

The beams, as well as the walls, floors and roofs of the Tod condos, are made of black spruce boards stacked crosswise and glued together to create CLT – cross-laminated timber – solid wood panels.

The CLT solid wood panels are prefabricated by Quebec-based Nordic Wood Structures, a sister company of Chantiers Chibougamau. The panels are easy to handle and very strong, with a capacity similar to reinforced concrete slabs. Using solid wood in the construction of the Tod condos also offers clear benefits in terms of sustainable development, as wood is a renewable resource that helps mitigate the effects of climate change.

I invite you to read our pamphlet on CLT solid wood panels (see attached PDF) to learn more about CLT, and feel free to contact us for information about this innovative technology for the Quebec construction industry. This is a first for Montreal, although the technology is already widely used in Europe. 

Tod condos are well-conceived because they are an affordable, long-lasting investment. 

The Tod condos will be built in two phases. Phase 1, the one being launched today, consists of 46 condo units ranging in size from 578 to 1,465 sq. ft., with 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms. It is a residential-only complex with a selection of units for singles, couples and families. Phase 1 is scheduled for a Spring 2016 delivery.

For a project in an exclusive neighborhood like Bois-Franc, Tod condos are very affordably priced. While the various condo units have different prices, they are all backed by Sotramont’s certification of quality. We are also targeting LEED Gold certification.


An investment in a Tod condo is also a lasting investment, because you benefit from energy savings that you will see on your electricity bill. You also save on building maintenance, as the building will retain its value longer and will certainly carry lower insurance premiums for the condominium. All these benefits are attributable to the fact that Sotramont builds the world’s best building envelope in terms of performance, as the U.S. Green Building Council acknowledged in 2014 for the Place des Nations project.

If you have questions about the plans or prices of the condo units, I invite you to contact our housing consultant, Elise Rossi, at 514-980-4555, or to visit our Bois-Franc sales office at 5476 boul. Henri-Bourassa Ouest. You will also find more information on Tod condos on our website, todboisfranc.com.