Sotramont offers an innovative electricity/natural gas dual-energy system in its townhouses

Sotramont plans to equip its Greenwich Homes and Momentum townhouses in Pointe-Claire and its Zac townhouses in Bois-Franc with a dual-energy heating system consisting of an air-source heat pump and a natural gas-fired combo system.

The system will also meet hot water requirements through the combo system and central air conditioning through the heat pump. This environmentally friendly initiative is a bold and innovative move by Sotramont, which continually strives for excellence in the construction quality of its homes.

How does it work ?

When the temperature drops to a threshold of -12 °C (or -15 °C, depending on the region), a thermal sensor mounted on the home’s exterior sends a signal to the heating system to stop running on electricity and use natural gas as a power source instead. A device allows the system to make the switch automatically.

An indicator light installed in an easy-to-see place in the house tells you when you have switched to natural gas mode, and a dual-energy meter allows you to monitor your consumption.

The burial of natural gas supply lines at Quartier Greenwich