Le bois remplace doucement l'acier

Le bois remplace doucement l'acier

...Ten years ago in May, the Quebec government launched its strategy to use wood in construction to try to revive the forest industry in crisis. This project, led by the former Minister of Natural Resources, Claude Béchard, planned to triple the consumption of wood in construction, where concrete and steel dominate. Ten years later, wood market shares are increasing, but some industry players believe that Quebec can do better ( In French only )

A text by Dominic Brassard, journalist on the program Le 15-18


From design to delivery, Sotramont has acquired unique expertise in residential property, whether town homes, multi-residential buildings, or urban planning and development. The company has built up its know-how over more than 50 years, always pursuing the same exacting standards.


A standard-setter in green property and sustainable housing, Sotramont was first to use a cross-laminated timber (CLT) structure for the construction of 6 to 8 storey condo projects in Montreal. Constantly innovating to reduce energy consumption in its residential programmes, Sotramont is able to offer increasingly adaptable and affordable energy-efficient homes.

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You're in Good Hands with Sotramont

The strategic priority for Sotramont is the promotion of sustainable construction for the benefit of our customers, which translates into concrete actions. Throughout the planning of a project we involve all our partners on this topic and offer support from the beginning on these issues. We also set up exchanges and reflections with all stakeholders to ensure that the resulting dialogue allows us to anticipate market changes and to find new sustainable construction solutions that truly meet the needs of users. By multiplying the opportunities to share our visions and know-how, we build relationships of trust based on transparency. And in an ongoing effort to improve the quality of this dialogue, we have chosen since 2016, the Integrated Concept Process, this approach has allowed the company to make homes more efficient and cheaper.

Nearly 50 years of residential construction across the country.

...Founded by Robert Roy, Sotramont is now headed by his son Marc-André Roy and is well known as one of the main promoters of the Bois-Franc district (Borough of St-Laurent). For 49 years, Sotramont has built more than 5,000 housing units, the vast majority in wood, but Arbora is the consecration of his efforts. (Translated excerpt from French article, see below:


2 habitat design awards for ZAC

The recognition event of the Open House Weekends, the Habitat Design Awards 2017 Competition, rewards Sotramont!

Two prizes from the jury for the project ZAC townhouses in Bois-Franc, Saint-Laurent for its magnificient staged housing unit 

2 Habitat Design Awards / Decorated model unit category

ZAC Townhouses (Bois-Franc in Saint-Laurent)

  • Best space layout planning

  • Best kitchen and bathroom concept

In 2017, We give our support to Ecohome

In 2017, Sotramont joins the small group of eco-responsible government, institutional and private sector financial partners supporting Ecohome in its mission to facilitate and promote best practices and standards for green building in Canada. Sotramont is proud to meet their stringent low environmental impact, energy efficient and sustainability selection criteria. We look forward to a fruitful partnership! www.Ecohome.net

Welcome to the most innovative and efficient dual-energy projects in Québec!

In its new homes in both Quartier Greenwich and Bois-Franc neighbourhoods, Sotramont opted for the combination of heat pumps and high efficiency natural gas. An INNOVATING PROJECT convenient for YOU! Your home is one of the most efficient in Québec. Your annual electricity costs are reduced. Your environmental footprint is lighter. For more information on dual-energy: www.ecohabitation.com/bienergie; for details on our homes, contact our sales director svattelli@sotramont.com

Construction has started on Tod condos!

There is no better time to secure your unit at the best price.

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LEED Gold Certification for Square Equinox 1

LEED Gold Certification for Square Equinox 1 – A first for City of Pointe-Claire

LEED certification is recognized worldwide for the design, construction and operation of green buildings.

It is based on six key areas of human and environmental health: sustainable site development, development of water resources, energy efficiency, materials selection, the quality of the indoor environment and innovation design.